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I wanted to take a moment to recognize the high level of service that you have provided me in my short time with H.B Cantrell (Cantrell).  Since the first day I called you, I have been treated with respect and dignity.  Although that should be the level of service provided by every insurance agency, in my experience, it is often not the case.  Throughout our conversations, I have not felt rushed so that you can hang up the phone.  In today's world, that is uncommon.

Your gracious approach and friendly attitude encourages a continued relationship with Cantrell.  Your prompt attention to details and ability to quickly dispose of problematic issues is an invaluable asset to the agency.  As a practicing attorney, I am very particular about the level of service I receive and the competency of the person I am dealing with on the other end of the phone.  You have exceeded all of my expectations!

 - Christopher Buongiorno

I'm sure you realize how hard it is to provide good health care benefits to a small company like ourselves. Your ongoing efforts are going to save us over $1500 in premiums this year with comparable coverage. I felt a simple phone thank you was not adequate.

It's nice to deal professionally with someone whom I met through sports at the "Y". You employ the dedication, care and ethics that are necessaryto succeed as a total person. This is demonstrated in your competitiveness on the court and similarly in your professional life.

 - Rick Seifert

Rarely in this hectic world do we take the time to thank others for their efforts. Your continued attention to our insurance coverage is truly refreshing, allowing us to make educated decisions based on all possible options.

We have been extremely satisfied with the claims service of both our workman's compensation claims and business automotive coverage. The timeliness of claim adjustments and commitment to helping reduce claims through loss prevention is excellent.

Your understanding of our corporate insurance needs has helped greatly simplify one of the most complex areas facing a small business owner. H.B. Cantrell & Co. and all those involved are to be commended for their continued commitment to customer service.

 - Joseph E. Johnston III

Both Judy and I have been very pleased with your good help in regard to our auto liability and homeowners policy. The savings that you provided by securing bids from several companies on our policy resulted in a 20% or approximately $400.00 savings over our policy with another agent.

In addition, John, we really appreciate the fact that you are always there to give advice or answer any questions we may have related to coverage or additions to our policy.

Having an agent who we feel will look after our best interests and at the same time help us save money creates a comfort level that we had not been able to have before we transferred our account to your company.

 - Robert B. Bartlett

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